Friday, May 25, 2012


this is just a glimpse of my week through the iphone. with a heavy emphasis on my birthday.

sunday afternoon, isaac was just wore out. we was so hot from being in and out of the car and just over-tired. he was just having a hard time going down for a nap so i lay down with him in our bed to help him fall asleep.

he hadn't slept in our bed since he was itty bitty. oh, be still my heart. there is nothing like a sleeping babe. i had planned to sneak in a nap, but i just couldn't stop looking at him long enough to sleep.

i made a texas sheet cake for our community group cookout/my birthday. i obvs. used pdubs recipe. it was really huge and really yum. 

and i made frosty ice cream to go with it. bryant tested it for poison before everybody got here.

one of the goals i set for my birthday was to go around and collect some free stuff. i never take advantage of birthday deals and i don't know why. cause they're awesome! and you get to tell people it's your birthday and then they give you stuff. i was most excited about krispy kreme, which turned out to be a bust. "we aren't allowed to do that," sayeth the donut shop girl.

so my real first stop: firehouse subs. FREE sub. and it was so good.

second stop: baskin robbins. a FREE scoop. and it was also good.

except for isaac was asleep by the time i made it to baskin robbins but it was fine cause it was the middle of the day, so i thought i'd just sit there quietly and eat my cone and read some blogs and let him nap. and then the obnoxious ice cream girls starting banging stuff around and slamming doors and he woke up and my relaxing moment was cut short.  

and i did a little shopping at my happy place..

i just love to walk the aisles and look at all the crap. i've gotten better about not actually buying all the crap. and for that bryant rejoices.

last night isaac and i went and watched bryant play tennis. you know, for that league.

he really seemed to enjoy the outside. and he ate some grass. so that's good.

and bryant won! cause he's mr. awesome pants.

and the happiest instagram of all..


i got the crafty itch. and whipped up these pinwheels with some hot glue, scrap book paper, buttons and skewers that i already had. that's the best craft, the one you have all the stuff for already.

and come on, how fun are they?! and they took like 10 minutes. seriously. go make some. you know you wanna.

happy mantle!

and two more things for funsies:

1. family pictures today. get psyched. i searched high and low for a normal shirt for isaac henry. believe it or not, not every shirt that a baby wears has to say daddy's buddy or surf dude or cutie pie or whatev. ptl for children's place and their plethora of $5 normal polos.

2. go watch duck dynasty. just do. i wouldn't steer you wrong.

life rearranged


  1. Love your mantle decor with the Ball jars and pinwheels...way cute! :-)

  2. LOVE the pinwheels!! I'm SO gonna make those for my summer vignette I'm working on. Too bad I don't have aqua Ball jars! :( Isaac is BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't think I could nap either with such a sweet babe next to me.
    Yay for free stuff on your birthday! Too bad Target wasn't a participant?? haha
    And Duck Dynasty rocks!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Love the pinwheels - super cute! Tutorial? (I'm sure it is on Pinterest right? :) And your little man is adorable. I have two boys and it is super hard to find a "normal" shirt...even at 4 years old. Visiting from Insta-Friday! :)

  4. Hi there! Clicking over to say hi from Insta Friday! Happy Birthday - hope you had a great one! Your baby is so cute!!

    LOVE the mason jars on your mantle - i love anything mason jar - well almost anything ;)

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. What a cute baby. I could take pictures all day of my kids sleeping. If they ever did, that is. But seriously, cute, cute boy.

    I know what you mean about crap at Target. Until we recently had to use their pharmacy, I hadn't even let myself go in the door in months.

  6. We're visiting from Insta Friday too. I agree with the plain shirts. It's hard for girls too. Try finding a plain white shirt, good luck. I have an upcoming birthday, maybe I should try to get some free stuff. Hum?

  7. Your mantle looks so good! And looks like you had a pretty good birthday! ;)

  8. LOVE your mantle! Also, happy birthday!
    Lastly, I've heard Duck Dynasty is something! I am going to try to catch it, soon!!

  9. Duck dynasty is my fave! Guilty redneck pleasure!

  10. I just redecorated the fake fireplace mantel this week, too. Great minds.


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