Friday, May 18, 2012


this week's instagram pictures..

isaac henry's little craft he made me in sunday school.. isn't his little hand the most precious?!

an early birthday present from rach. a chic-fil-a gift card, gotta love that christian chicken. AND it's my golden birthday this year, hence the golden candy.

IH rode in the buggy for the first time this week. he did really good! i think he really enjoyed looking around aka staring at people..

he thinks he's a grown man or something.

 a lunch and ice cream date with aunt ami. love her.

and i was feeling the itch to craft so i whipped up this little teething necklace. even though IH is showing no signs of teeth yet, he still likes to chew and/or pull on necklaces and this is just the ticket.

2 side notes:

our new nephew was born yesterday. that makes him and isaac henry exactly 7 months apart, isn't that fun?! happy birthday baby ivan! i can't wait to squish you.

and kayla's wedding is this weekend, so that's what we'll be doing. if you need me, i'll be the girl beside the bride bawling her eyes out [one of them, anyway].

do you have big plans??

life rearranged


  1. I love all your photos and what a sweet mother's day card. Oh, and I have an Isaac too!

  2. What a sweet little handprint flower! And what a cutie he is!


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