Friday, May 11, 2012


just a little glimpse of our week through iphone pictures..

isaac with aunt em at the zoo.. in front of the boring tigers.

bath time!

monday night i got some bestie time. and then later in the week i got to see rachel. lots of friend time this week. yay for that!

love those ladies. they're the kind of friends that feel like home.

just me and my babe..

please note that my hair is long enough to put in pigtails. it's driving me bonkers.

 a new little buddy in the garden..

and as for garden watch 2012.. everything is thriving. two watermelons and a buncha carrots planted from seed popped through this week. exciting!

bacon isn't the only thing bryant brings home..

aren't those gorgeous?! i love tulips.

and speaking of that hunk of love that is my husband.. please avert your eyes if you do not want to fall into the temptation of lust..

he helped build a house with habitat for humanity this last week. and looked good doing it.

our weekend is stacked. but it's stacked full of fun. yeah!

life rearranged

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