Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother's day!

i have the best momma ever. i'm gonna shout it from the rooftops. she's so fun and beautiful. she makes me laugh, mostly when she isn't trying. and she helps me so much. she has such a servant's heart and works so hard. she has been through so much and she is still faithful to Jesus. seriously, her life could be made into a movie. she's a grace-giver, like huge.

i'm so blessed to call her my momma.

and today is my first REAL mother's day. last mother's day i was still with child.

but now he's out and about and i get to be this hunk's momma. all the live long day.

i wanted for so long to have a baby and i knew it'd be the bomb but i could have never imagined how much i would be blessed by having isaac henry. being a momma is my fave.

so far today, isaac henry made me a cutesy pie craft in sunday school, i smashed my hand in the car door and cried all the way home from church, and then bryant gave me two sweet cards and i cried even more. i'm a blubbering mess.

we're going to dinner with my momma and daddy.

in summation, i'm so glad i have the momma i do. i have so many other women in my life that have made an impact and i love them too. and i love being a momma.

and today my heart goes out to women that long to be mommas. although motherhood brings so much joy, it cannot even compare to the joy to be found in Christ. my prayer is that they find peace in that. and for babies in their bellies and/or arms. and in mine for that matter, why the heck not? 

happy mother's day! 

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