Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a few things.

i don't think i've ever shared this on this blog. but when i was a senior in high school, me and my bff rachel thought it would be fun to be the water girls for the football team..

i've recently been reminded of that time in my life as all those "this is what i actually do vs. what people think i do" memes have been floating around the interwebs. plus i was feeling nostalgic the other day and looked through a ton of old pictures. anyway..

this is what we thought we looked like.

this is what we actually looked like.

ps. it wasn't as fun as we thought it was gonna be.


i spent time with my friend shannon yesterday. we were talking about how we used to tan and now we refuse to. i worked at a video and tanning store in high school and got free tanning. so i got in the tanning bed ALL the time. i never wore sunscreen outside. i always looked forward to that first sunburn cause "it'll turn to tan and i'll get a jump start on my summer tan." 

i think tanning bed use raises your risk of skin cancer like 75% or something. and everytime you get sunburned your risk goes up too. 

not. worth. it. hand me the SPF.


more nostalgia.. when i was a kid, i had pet turtles. PETA will probably come after me for holding these precious creatures hostage. but i loved those turtles. they had a natural outdoor habitat and my dad created a "earthworm farm" so that we could stop buying night crawlers to feed them. they ate well. 

i actually learned a lot taking care of those turtles. oh, the life of a country kid.

my two faves were bondo and gus.

here's me with gus. i'm making him wave. presh.

and bondo (L) and gus (R) alone. i pretended they were in love and married. bondo was the lady. gus was the gentleman.

and finally, me with bondo.

she was my actual fave. when we found her she had been run over by a lawn mower. her shell was broke and infested with nastiness. my dad cleaned her shell out real good and covered it with car bondo, hence the name bondo. i had her for like 3 years.

precious memories. i hope isaac henry gets to do funny things like this.


y'all know i have a love-hate relationship with pinterest. but everyday it leans a little more towards the hate. my pallet art went viral on there back in the fall. and since then i get emailed almost daily about it. i've had lots of people tell me they recreated it. and i love that! i love when an actual artist sends me a picture of their recreation and it looks like mine. that's so flattering! they want to make something that looks like what i've made. and that's why i blogged about it. because i want people to look on pinterest and look on blogs and look at art and fall in love with things and then be inspired and make it THEIR OWN.

i've done that. i've looked at art work and made my own little art inspired by someone else's art. i've broke out the watercolors and painted stuff that isn't nearly as beautiful as the original, but it was my twist and it was creative and fun. 

what i don't like is when i search "bind my wandering heart to thee" and find stuff that looks exactly like mine being sold. ugh. it makes me feel icky. i don't have the time to police the internet and my pallet art isn't copyrighted so it's not illegal to sell copies of what i made. but it's still weird. there's just something wrong about taking someone's idea and making duplicates and selling them. copyright or not.


and i hate to end on that yucky note, but i don't have anything else to say. so here's a cute picture of isaac..

isn't he the sweetest little chub of love?

happy wednesday to you!


  1. I LIKE TURTLES!! Those are the funnest pics EVER!! I want a poster size of you and bondo!

    I like your hot little chocker with your hot water girl outfit!! haha!!! o... the days of chokers!!!! :)

    I love you... i just do.

  2. For some reason, this has made me very teary- I love that little girl that caught turtles and grew into a teenager that wanted to conquer the world, and pretty much did conquer her little corner of it. I love the woman and mom she's become. I love you, Jo.

  3. Oh me! Good times, but I look like a man in that picture of us :) Oh the sweaty and nasty football towels! ewww! P.S. Did I know Bondo? I remember you burying one of your turtles, but I'm not sure which one.

    1. i too look like a man. beauts, we are. and yes, that was bondo that got buried :(

  4. Your blog is awesome! I love your "writing voice". =) is where I blog. I'm a fellow Tennessean and found you via Kelly's Korner SUYL link up. =)

  5. I'm also a Nashville-ish girl! Love the blog! From Kelly's Korner, not just a "random" stalker! ;)


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