Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 months.

isaac henry is seven months old. shut. up.

and these pictures were the toughest to take yet.

this is his "you roll me over one more time lady and i'll cut you. i've got places to be." face.

and it's seriously the only picture i got where his onesie was unencumbered and allowing for a number.

remember when i took 125 pictures when he was one month old? well i took 23 today. and half of those are him crawling away. little bugger.

at 7 months isaac henry:
  • is on the go. he was crawling last month, but he's EVERYWHERE this month. and he's quick.  still rockin' the inchworm/army crawl but he's getting up on his knees a little more and doing that rocking thing babies do.
  • he has an eye for detail. you know, the tiniest piece of trash, the computer cord, the itty bitty necklace. he can see it and he wants it.
  • is eating everything. has tried some table food and pretty much every baby food imaginable. so far, no food allergies. whoo! he has 2 meals a day, nurses 4 or 5 times a day, and also eats his weight in cheerios or puffs multiple times a day. i seriously think he could put away a can of puffs in a day.
  • he talks and squeals all the time. has mastered the mama and dada sounds. 
  • he's officially ticklish- armpits [a.k.a. tickle boxes], feet, ribs. it's the funniest. thing. ever.
  • officially SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! hallelujah. he goes down anywhere from 6:30 to 8:00 [usually closer to 7:00] and sleeps til 4:00-5:00, then goes back down 'til 7:30. the last few nights he's slept straight through 'til 7:30 though. 
  • he can drink through a straw. like a champ. not so good at the sippy cup yet.
  • he's pulling up on stuff. like the stairs. we gotta put up a gate. like yesterday.
  • he's wearing mostly 9 month stuff. some 6 month still. 
  • his bald spot is filling in.
  • he sits up really good. 
  • his new funny things are bobbing/nodding his head and doing this huge smile with squinty eyes. it's hilar. 
he is such a great baby. we are super blessed. he's so outgoing, laid-back, curious, and funny. i can't get enough of him. being his momma is my fave.  

i can't wait to see how God is gonna develop his personality and use isaac for His glory. so fun.

enough of this.

i'm outta here.

days gone by..

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  1. He is so handsome. He is on the move now, you better watch out!


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