Monday, April 16, 2012

over the weekend.

oh yes. i do remember having a blog.

last week was ordinary. bryant was at T4G. and i highly suggest listening to this sermon on missions by mr. david platt. good stuff. 

anyhow, when bryant is not home i just stay up way too late and surf the internet. and find interesting things like this. gone are the olden days of squatting behind a bush if you don't want to come in from playing. you can now just have your kid pee into a nalgene especially designed to be peed in. awesome.

this weekend we did some mulching/landscaping. we added the rocks this year. i love a freshly mulched flower bed. i think we're gonna plant the garden next weekend. don't worry, you'll get periodic updates on tomato-fest 2012. and you'll love it.

i made this cutesy wreath. i have a pretty yellow forsythia one, but i didn't want that up all spring and summer.

bryant installed a ceiling fan in our bedroom. cause it gets hot up in there if you know what i'm sayin'. wink wink nudge nudge.

but seriously, it does get hot.

and last night we went to target cause i've been wanting to look. bryant bought us slushies and we perused the isles. we walked away with some elmo socks for isaac from the dollar section and.. drum roll please..
a pineapple slicer! i'm stoked. i'll let you know how it goes. bryant's doubtful. mr. doubty pants. i think it's gonna be magical!

laundry and chores today. pot roast for dinner. come on over, i'll save ya a bite.

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  1. I love the rocks! Where did you all get them? We looked at Lowes, but I wasn't crazy about their selection.


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