Monday, April 30, 2012


i finally uploaded these pictures of the garden.

bryant built me another raised bed this year.

in this one there's tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, and some zinnias.

here's our strawberries that we planted last year. we've had a pretty good turnout so far. and i think these keep giving into the summer.

and in the new one there's zucchini, yellow squash, watermelon, and pumpkins.

my zinnias and pumpkins have already popped through the ground. it's so gratifying to grow stuff from seeds!


this weekend was busy. i went to the women's retreat at church friday. saturday we hit a few yardsales and got some good deals! and bryant had 2 tennis matches. then we celebrated my daddy's birthday, which is today! sunday was church and naps and homemade pizza.

so far today, i've planned to get up early to clean. and didn't.

and then a certain 2 ft. tall man woke me up early anyway.

i drank coffee in my new mug i won at the women's retreat. and microwaved a few leftover cinnamon rolls.

and that's about all. i'm fixing to put on some music and get motivated over here.


happy birthday daddy! you're super cool!

or are you?? 

 definitely. since i think you get cooler every year, and it's been a lot of years.

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