Wednesday, April 4, 2012

lessons learned.

last friday i had my annual OB appointment. yuck-o, right? well anyway, on my way home, I dropped by target to get some rubber gloves for bry and i needed to drop a redbox movie off. ok, it was the fourth twilight movie. stupid. and i was on the phone with my momma and i was lazy and i knew it was against the law, but i pulled up to the sidewalk, put on my hazard lights, and ran my movie back to the box. literally ran. the redbox was less than 10 feet away from the sidewalk/loading zone where i left my car.

by the time i was back to my car, a bicycle cop was there. ugh. he told me he could give me a $118 ticket. but he didn't. he gave me a warning. hallelujah.

but he shoulda gave me a ticket. because i broke the rules. i knew the rules, and i broke them.

today, i went to the grocery store. and it's probably my own dumb fault for going to walmart and not publix or somewhere where shopping is a pleasure. but as i rolled my TWO overfull buggies to the car, with isaac henry strapped to my front in one of those baby carriers, i couldn't help but think "is no one gonna offer to help me? really?" and i'm not just talking about employees of walmart. i'm talking about other patrons. i passed tons of people that didn't have buggies or kids strapped to them or their hands full and they looked right at me and not a single person offered to help me. it was obvious i was struggling and no one offered to help.

now, would i have offered to help me? i would hope so, but i also know there's been plenty of times that i've walked by people who obviously coulda used a hand and instead of helping i thought to myself, "ah man, that sucks." and walked on.

i guess no one had to help me. i made it just fine. and maybe i should have asked someone for help, but wouldn't it be nice to have a little help without even asking?

sunday bryant taught sunday school and the lesson was about ethics. he thought it was gonna be kinda dumb and i agreed. but i left sunday school really convicted. as we sat with teens and told them to not download music illegally and not copy homework, as we challenged them to live up to a higher standard, i was challenged. as Christians, we're called to be different and sometimes i'm just like the world. no one would know that i was a Christian. because i break the rules. and i think those little silly things are just as important in showing the world that we are different. i should go the speed limit. i should be honest. i should follow God's law and the law of the land. i am set apart and it's about time i start acting like it.

i read this quote the other day and it's just laid heavy on my heart, "...showing kindness to others, is not an exclusive attribute of Christians, but it is to be one of our dominant characteristics." i mean surely, surely, at least one of those people i passed at walmart was a Christian. shouldn't we be kind to one another. shouldn't we help one another. i obviously can't roll someone's buggy to their car, i have 2 of my own. but i can cook an extra batch of dinner and take it to someone. i can help the old man find the strawberry preserves in the jelly aisle. i can and should be helpful and kind to those around me. so that people see Jesus in me. and then maybe that will open up a window and allow me to tell that person about Jesus.

i'm not perfect. i'm gonna slip and say the s word. i'm gonna go 5 over the speed limit. i'm gonna ignore the fact that my friend may need help, much more the stranger. but i've got to start trying to be intentional about being set apart. and my guess is that you do too.

and just for funsies, here's a few things that have made me smile lately..


  1. Hi friend!!

    So fun!! I am learning the SAME thing about BEING set apart!! Craziness!! Jesus' prayer for us in John 17 is ALL about praying that we are holy and set apart. Are we? Sometimes no... we see the same movies, listen to the same music, get excited about the same junk... it's nuts!

    I love you! I love your heart. I wish we could do youth ministry together! HOW NUTS/AWESOME would that be!?!?!

    love you... and Phil the turtle!!!! :) haha

  2. A-W-E-S-O-M-E post. Have a told you lately how amazing and great you are? Cause you are. Who are your parents? They must be some pretty cool people. A couple of thoughts:

    - The s word...soap? soup? soy sauce? (I know that's two words)
    - Phil the turtle...of course you would like him- he's a turtle, he was found on the road, and he's named after your 3rd favorite guy.

    Love you- Dad


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