Friday, April 6, 2012


here's my instagram pictures from this week. you can follow me. i'm lindseyjocoker. most original name ever!

isaac henry is getting pretty good at sitting. he's still a little wobbly, but he loves to sit on the vanity and look in the mirror. and i love to let him, how stinkin' cute is he?! 

he's mostly smiley. but sometimes not.. like when he's a grump pot. a dreamy grump pot.

my reward to myself for grocery shopping. and man-handling those two buggies..

coke poison. and it wasn't even diet. if i'm gonna spend a whole dollar, i'm gonna get the good stuff.

tuesday, isaac henry and i went to bryant's work for a 10,000 store opening celebration. they had a cookout and their nascar drivers were there with their cars and their vendors were handing out lots of goodies and josh turner sang. fancy pants.

look at all the swag we brought home!

and a package of toilet paper that isn't pictured! i was just about as excited about all the freebies as i was ole josh.

i do love me some josh turner. that voice'll make your heiny tingle. 

don't you love fun mail? my pal, lauren, sent isaac some sweet goodies.

that's a rattle bracelet. so fun!

isaac henry always falls asleep on the way home. and then i hate getting him out cause he wakes up. i may linger in the car for a while some days. this was one of those days..

i hope you have a good friday. get it?? because it is good friday.  

but seriously, i hope that you get a minute today to stop and ponder the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. oh, the grace God gives. we are so undeserving.

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