Friday, April 20, 2012


cell phone pictures from this week. what did we do before fancy phones?!

we pay for pest control. i'm not sure how much, but when i see things like this..

it makes it all worth it. yuck yuck yuck. that spidey is huge! but it's dead. so there.

did you get your happy hour all day drink on tax day? i went with cherry coke. and bryant finished it. so. much. coke.

this little napper is fixing to be in for a rude awakening. we had his checkup yesterday and the doc said it's time for some sleep training. no more nursing 45 times a night.

so then i had a heart to heart with him before nightnight last night and just told him it would be easier for all of us if he just slept through the night. we wouldn't have to do all this awful CIO stuff. and he slept from 8:00-4:19. so obedient.

did you eat these popsicles as a kid?

they were my fave! we always broke 'em over our knee and mammaw would wrap them in paper towels so our hands wouldn't get cold. i loved the pointy end cause the melty juice pooled in there. i hadn't seen them in years! i had to get them! from walmart, of all places. isn't it funny how something as silly as popsicles brings all these warm and fuzzy feelings rushing in?

i ironed this week. i hadn't done it for a few weeks, er, months. i hate ironing.

last night we went for an after dinner walk. that lead to an adventure. we put a little gravel in our travel. off-roading with the stroller.

it was this trail that lead up to this big drop off thing. there was evidence that teenagers had been up there. some other moms and strollers saw us walking up there, probably thought we were sneaking off to neck. and taking our baby? 

i'd eat salad everyday if i had the olive garden dressing every day.. am i right?!

i know you've been on the edge of your seat just wanting to know how the pineapple slicer worked out.. magical!!!

definitely worth $10. go on and get ya one, you know you want it. and then go to aldi cause their pineapples are 99 cents! yes, 99 cents. really all their produce is cheapo and yummy. 69 cent strawberries. a bag of pears for 79 cents. this is good news folks. run, don't walk.

a lastly, a cutey picture of isaac henry and my momma/his nanny.

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  1. What a fun week! Your little guy is so cute, good luck with the sleep training! I caught up on my ironing this week too, it just backs up so quickly!

  2. yuck spider! yucky yuck! i hate ironing too! and im definitely going to have to get one of those pineapple slicers! crazy awesome.


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