Tuesday, April 17, 2012

cloth diapering, coker style.

i seriously get asked about cloth diapering at least once a week. and i truly don't mind answering questions, but it will just be easier to type it all out and then send people to this blog when questions arise.

so if you aren't interested in cloth diapering, you have my permission to skip this post.

and i'm gonna talk about poop. 

before i was even pregnant, i started looking into gdiapers. i consider myself pretty frugal and thought that might save some money. the more i researched (hours and hours and hours!) the more i realized that i didn't want to go with gdiapers. the liners and all that is just one more thing to buy every week and that's what i was trying to avoid.

so while i was gestating (and researching for more hours), we decided to try two different types of diapers. happy heiny mini onesize and fuzzibunz onesize. we bought both and tried both. then fuzzibunz came out with a new and improved onesize called the elite. for multiple reasons we now exclusively use the fuzzibunz onesize elite.


the number one reason we cloth diaper is because it is a huge money saver. there are obviously other pros. it is alarming that it takes disposable diapers like 500 years to decompose. and as a Christian, i am called to be a good steward of the earth. this is just one way to do that. isaac henry has NEVER had a diaper rash (he gets a little red sometimes when he's pooped a lot in one day, but i put a little cloth diaper safe ointment on and he's good as new. i use CJ's butter.) and a fluffy butt is stinkin' cute.

but let's be serious and get down to the numbers. they say you spend about $1000 a year on disposables. let's say by some miracle isaac henry is potty trained at 2 years old. that's $2000. up to date i have spent $456.07 on cloth diapers (and wet bags, etc.). he will wear those diapers until he's potty trained. and then his brothers and sisters will wear those diapers.

we haven't noticed a significant increase in our water bill. water's cheap. 

and here's something, there are even cheaper cloth diaper options out there! look around! use discount codes!


it depends how often you wanna do a wash. i have 25 diapers and can go two full days. isaac uses 7-8 diapers a day at 6 months old. when he was a newborn it was closer to 12. 


it's a diaper with a pocket! ha. there's a outside layer made of a water proof material. an inside layer made of fleece, that touches the babe. between those two layers you insert what's called an... insert. they are microfiber, minky, hemp, or bamboo. that's what absorbs the moisture aka pee. you can put more than one insert in to boost absorbancy. like at night time. most diapers come with inserts.


poop is what scares most people. but let me just tell ya, if you're a parent, there is gonna be poop. whether you use cloth or disposables or just hold 'em over the toilet 16 times a day, there's gonna be poop. breastmilk poop is water soluble (i think formula poop is too). that means that when all your baby is eating is breastmilk, you just throw the whole diaper, poop and all, in the wash. not gross at all. promise. now when they start eating solid food and producing man-poop, that doesn't work anymore. you have to plop it off into the toilet. flush. and then wash the diaper just like you would. some poop isn't so plop-able and you may have to scrape a little. sacrifice a square of charmin. there are other options. a diaper sprayer that hooks on the toilet. liners, which we used for a time and decided that they're more trouble than they're worth.

there's tons of info. and it'll drive you nuts. this is just what i do. i have an old timey top loader. i use tide original liquid detergent. i do a cold rinse, no soap. hot wash, heavy cycle with a little less soap than you would use in your clothes, maybe between the 1 and the 2 mark. an extra cold rinse. tumble dry on low. NO FABRIC SOFTENER. don't over complicate it.


we tried both. i like snaps. they're more durable. we're in this for the long haul and snaps will last. and when they don't fuzzibunz snaps have a lifetime guarantee, which means they will send you a new diaper if your snaps break. awesome. velcro shows age so fast. and they all stick together in the dryer. no fun.


i'm sure you can cloth diaper when they're brand new. but we waited until isaac had a belly button and had chunked up a little.


when i started researching i read so many times, "i cloth diaper and have never ever had a leak." that's what i want! but let me just tell ya, if you're a parent, there are gonna be leaks. there are gonna be poops bigger than anything you've ever seen and not even a depends could contain it. we have leaks. but i honestly don't feel like isaac would leak any less in a disposable.

so, that's that. it works for us. if you're thinking about it, i say give it a try. it's different, but it's not hard.

leave any questions in the comments and i'll answer them there!


  1. wow! this is great and very informative. you've almost got me convinced to switch over for the next baby... hmmm. i might have to ask you more about it when we are actually there. looks like it really isn't that big of a deal tho. thanks for sharing all this info! if i decide to go that way it will def help me out!

  2. Somebody needs to send a link to this to fuzzibunz- I bet they would put it on their website- just sayin'.


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