Sunday, April 8, 2012

am i a man or am i a baby?

if i'm a baby then i'm a very manly baby.

if i'm a man then i'm a little baby man.

feast your eyes..

we had an awesome Easter. we serve a living God. we had a wonderful service at church and a good lunch with the parents. and we put our cute cute baby man in a bow tie. can it get any better?

also, we watched the new muppets movie saturday night and it was stinkin' awesome. go watch. now.


  1. TOO. ADORABLE. I didn't know it was possible for babies to be this cute in real life. Glad you had a fab Easter :)

  2. According to my high school aged kids: Bow ties are cool!
    IHC already knew that... being the cool dude he is!

  3. ahhhhh he is so stinkin cute! look at that bowtie!


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