Monday, March 12, 2012

paint sneaky peaky plus some.

last week my momma painted my downstairs for my birthday. i've been wanting something more neutral so that i can change up accessories and add pops of color more easily.

goodbye blue kitchen.

goodbye gold and green living room.

hello biege!

i LOVE it. it looks so clean, or it would if my house wasn't strewed right now..  

we have a few things that we wanna do around here that i think will really MAKE the rooms. like, i need to decide on curtains for the living room.

i promise to post complete pictures later this week. when my counters are picked up and diapers aren't covering the couch.

and i also know you must be thinking, paint for her birthday? her birthday is in may. well, you are right, my friend. but it's never too early to start thinking about birthday gifts for me. any of these will do.. i'm gonna make you work for it.

in other news.. picnik users never fear. picmonkey is the new place to be! it looks like a winner to me! and i especially love that little sidebar that says COLLAGES and more coming soon! collages live on!! cue the hallelujah choir.

do you have an iphone? get drawsomething and play me.. my name is lindseyjocoker. because i'm super original. this ap cracks me up. it's like pictionary. but more hilarious.

and now i gotta go do some chores and snuggle my hunky son. more blogs this week. cross my heart!

1 comment:

  1. hi lindsey! i love the new look and can't wait to see how you're going to add more pops of color. =)


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