Monday, March 26, 2012

a little nature walk.

don't mind the cell phone pictures. we went on a little walk.  and documented it with our phone.

let the four leaf clover finding contest begin!

cutest. baby. ever.

i found 8. bryant found 3. winning.

he loves his daddy.

such a stinkin' cutie.

we're lucky, four leaf clovers or not.


  1. You are very lucky. I love how his whole face just lights up!

  2. he is adorbs!!! lucky lucky girl! i don't think ive ever found one.

  3. My grandfather used to be able to find them.. he'd just look down and bam! Determined to find a 4 leaf clover, I spend the majority of a summer break from elementary school sitting in the front yard rummaging through the green. Some people are just luckier than others. That's all. (also I'm not bitter about all that lost time or anything.)


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