Tuesday, March 13, 2012

kayla's bridal shower.

saturday, i threw my sweet friend kayla a bridal shower. she's getting married in may to an awesome guy that i love! i have a very special relationship with kay, and i'm so excited for her!

they're getting married in a barn and it's kinda a rustic-y theme, so i pulled that into the shower some.

i think shower games are lame-o so i usually opt to not do them, but we played a few. "wedding gift bingo"  and the one where you interview the bride with questions about the groom and they eat bubblegum for every wrong answer. that's always a hit. and every bride needs to know what fruit her groom would describe himself as.

and for some reason, i didn't get a picture of the whole table..

you get the idea.

i was proud of all my little labels and cupcake toppers.

i ran brown packing paper through the printer, punched out circles (or cut strips) and hot glued them to toothpicks.

isn't she gorg?!

this is her and her future hubs, trey. they have the perfect names for a celeb combo, you know like bradjelina.. treyla.

a party isn't a party without a little bunting these days..

and that's that. she got lots of cutesy stuff.

i'm so blessed by our friendship and i'm so happy i get to be a part of your special day. i love you and i'm so proud of you kay.

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  1. drooling over all that food... seriously. and love that you still do the bubblegum game! how fun!


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