Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a few things.

 have i mentioned that isaac started sleeping through the night?! finally! this momma is ecstatic.

isn't he the most precious thing?! except he kinda reverted, or can't make up his mind, or something. but he's still not up every 2 hours and i'll take it.

today we visited shan. her husband has a new "project" going on.

only fueling my need, my want, my desire, for chickens. i'm totes jeal.

i am not jealous, however, of her chicken.

this may give you nightmares tonight..

that's awful. just awful. i like my chickens nice and normal. normal chickens, please.

then we visited pap and mammaw. we sat outside a while and then the unthinkable happened.

pap has had 7 kids. and countless grandkids. and he doesn't hold babies. he thinks they're breakable.

drumroll puh-lease...

he didn't want to give him back once i convinced him to hold him. and isaac loved swinging with him!

i'm loving this weather. it's like it went from winter to summer and i wouldn't change a thing!

and i have to tell you about this deal i made with myself. i was inspired by my friend, meghan. she's giving up sweets, all sweets, for march and if she actually does it she's gonna get these toms that she wants. so anyway, i told bryant that i was gonna make a similar deal with myself in april. if i worked out, in some form or fashion, every day i was gonna get a massage.

i love a good rub down.

he said that was fine. and then he said that if i work out every day for the rest of march, he'll give me a massage. every. day.

yes. please.

i think miss jillian michaels and i are gonna become good friends.

that being said, i need to hop to that. leftover chicken spaghetti for dinner. and seriously, i'm posting pictures of the downstairs tomorrow or something. stay tuned.

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  1. That is the coolest chicken ever! Who doesn't want a chicken with a fuzzy fro and a blue beak?


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