Thursday, March 15, 2012

a few things.

it's been gorgeous outside this week, with a side of rain. but mostly gorgeous. it makes it hard to get anything done except for sitting out in the rocker and going for walks.

i tried to put isaac in his little red wagon for a walk. but he slumped over and cried. bahaha. mom-fail. stroller it is. 

he's been kinda clingy lately. but i'll tell you a secret, even if he's fine i put him in the sling and pretend he's being clingy cause i like the snuggles.

the way i'm holding my hand in that picture reminds me of phoebe teaching joey guitar. bear claw.

a miracle has occurred. our front yard tree is alive!

ALIVE! do you know how many trees we've killed?! many. this is awesome!

i tried to be neighborly yesterday and bake some of that friendship bread for our neighbors. so they'll be our friends. that's how it works, right?

guess what loaf we'll be eating.

i made more. that didn't fall apart. one neighbor was nice. the other was kinda weird and didn't act appreciative of my bread offering. concerning, because i for one, am always appreciative of carbs.

also, there aren't gonna be pictures of the downstairs yet. i wanna make some throw pillows and then i'll show ya. promise.


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