Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 months.

our little babe is 5 months old. 

at 5 months, isaac henry:
  • eats solids like they're going out of style. he especially loves sweet potatoes.  still going strong on the boobie milk front.
  • he can roll from back to tummy. and does. all the time.
  • likes to sleep on his tummy, scaring momma and daddy to death. 
  • is super social. 
  • LOVES his exersaucer. and his toys in general.
  • he's trying super hard to crawl. 
  • is napping exclusively in his crib.
  • still not sleeping through the night. UNTIL last night when he slept EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS. ptl. 
  • loves faces. 
  • played outside for the first time. and saw a worm!
  • is very curious about straws and momma might have let him try a sippy cup for a split second. he might have loved it.  
  • is single handedly the cutest baby ever. 
he's a joy. i love him more every day. he's such a fun, happy, and all around good baby. we're so blessed.

happy st. patrick's day!


  1. If it is possible he gets cuter by the month. =) You guys are so blessed, and so is IH with wonderful, godly parents. Praying for the sweet Coker family!

  2. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! He is so presh! love it. Love the pics with his daddy :)


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