Monday, February 6, 2012

wrap up.

i told bryant last night that i saw a quote that i thought described our life right now: the days are long, but the years are short. he said he felt like the days are short and the years are short. i'm grateful to be busy because it means we have people that love us, and things to do for church, and family to see, but i'm about run ragged.

i just felt like life would slow down after christmas. and it has yet to do so.

anyway, a few of the exciting things we did this weekend..

friday night we went to a surprise party for our friend lisa. she turned 24! it was a lot of fun. and we got to be those people that bring their babies to parties.

ain't she adorbs? and fellas, she's single!

saturday i met some of my gurrrl frans at the goodwill for half off day. i got lots o' good stuff. 2 sweaters, a skirt, and a shirt for me. and a shirt for IH that still had the tags. all for a measly $12.

saturday night kayla and trey, otherwise known as treyla OR aunt kay and slim jim, came over for some snuggles and conversation. 

i'm ready for them to be married. and i'm ready for isaac henry to be off the boob so i can send him home with them. [disclaimer: he's still got quite some time on the boob.]

and sunday after church and church meetings and such, we went over to andy and meghan's to watch the superbowl. in our pajamas. you know it's true friendship when you can go over to someone's house in your jammers. we watched it over there last year too, so i guess that makes it a tradition.

and today, i did 8 loads of laundry. that's it, no more clothes in this house. that's just too much laundry. also, bryant locked the keys in the car at work. which is good since we have 1 key for that car. it was bound to happen eventually. at least it wasn't running like that time i locked the keys in the truck at walmart when i was jumbo pregnant.

all that to say, i hope your monday was not monday-ish at all. 

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