Tuesday, February 7, 2012

valentine's scrappy heart wreath: a tutorial.

i rarely decorate for holidays outside of christmas. and i have some fall decor. but i got the hankerin' for a little lovey dovey decor for valentine's day. and i wanted a quiet craft to do during naptime.

thus the scrappy heart wreath was born.

here's how it's done folks.

gather your red fabric scraps. or pink. or whatever color you want, i guess.

take a coat hanger and bend it into a heart shape.  my hanger is conveniently red.

cut or tear your scraps into little strips. make sure they're long enough to tie onto the hanger.

i also suggest keeping the different prints in different piles. organized chaos. i didn't go in a pattern per se, but i didn't want to put two of the same prints right up next to one another.

and then just tie the strips in knots around the hanger. over and over again. 

keep on tying!

until ya can't tie no more!

adds a little romance to my front door, don't ya think? makes me wanna go on a lover's walk.

ya like those weeds in the bottom left hand corner? they're taking over my flower bed and i was gonna wait until it got a little warmer to deal with them, but now my bulbs are popping out and i need to get out there before peoples' eyes are drawn to my flower beds.

but that's neither here nor there. happy valentine's day friends. go make you a wreath while there's still time!


  1. what a cute idea! looks perfect on your door! guess what my dear?! have some exciting news for you.


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