Thursday, February 16, 2012

pictures with momma and daddy.

isaac henry loves the mirror.

seriously, if he knew it was himself i'd call him narcissistic. but he thinks it's another babe, so really he's just being friendly.

grab daddy's goatee. eat daddy's face.

check and check.

also, can i just give a little shout out to our friends meghan and andy who watched our babe so we could have a valentine's date? thanks for that.

it was the first date we'd been on since isaac was born. we ate japanese and walked around target and it was romantical. and good for us.

then we proceeded to come home and hurt each other's feelings. that's always a good time. marriage is constantly teaching me about grace, and forgiveness. and hopefully i'm becoming a better wife and person because of it. but i wish Jesus would teach me those things without me having to be crappy and sinful first. sin, yuck.

no worries, we made up. wink wink, nudge nudge.

and i'm embracing the camera and/or iphone. for the first time.


  1. why is target with no kids so romantic? the grocery store does it for me too. It totally embarrasses my husband but I want to make out in every aisle. Strange.

    Cute post!

    1. seriously! i felt like a teenager wanting to cuddle through the whole store!

  2. i love how babies love the's so sweet!

    glad you embraced with us this week!


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