Thursday, February 2, 2012

mason jar soap dispenser. a tutorial.

you know i love my $6 soap. but bryant is a germaphobe. and i say that in all meanings of the word. so he uses sooo much soap. it was getting a little pricey, even with the sales. but we're germ free over here!

as i'm trying to be more economical and frugal and all that, i figured buying one of those big things of soap and filling up dispensers would be the smartest thing to do. combined with my love for mason jars, how could this go wrong?

and i know that there are multiple tutorials floating around the interwebs for this kind of thing, but none i found had pictures and i like pictures. i find them helpful.

cue montell jordan. this is how we do it..

1. get yo' jar out. clean it.

2. using a hammer and nail, pop a hole in the jar lid. you should probably do it over newspaper if your using an old zinc lid, cause the ceramic will bust and there'll be little shards.

3. this is what the busted ceramic looks like. use your nail to pry under one of the big pieces of ceramic. once you get one loose, the rest will fall out.

4. no more ceramic! just throw those pieces away. or save them for some mosaic craftiness. i opted to throw them away.

5. then get out your versatile wire cutters.

6. and using the nail hole as a starting point, cut a hole big enough to fit your soap pump in.

7. stick in your pump and hot glue it on the underside. like-uh so..

8. let the glue cool. trim down the end of your pump so that it fits in the jar. add some soap and screw on the lid..

and there you have it, your own redneck-chic soap dispenser.

wash up.


  1. This is an awesome tutorial. You are so funny when you put the redneck part in there. Have a great week!


  2. how genius! how much do we all love mason jars? THIS much. thanks for the idea!

  3. Giving a shout out to Bryant- my life was changed the time I saw him wash his hands before emptying the dishwasher. That makes so much sense. Now I don't want to eat off other people's plates unloaded with dirty hands. Germaphobes Forever!

  4. love this idea ,have many mason jars old ones .so cool for my house all country .lol


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