Friday, February 24, 2012


february photo a day challenge pictures..

just to help you figure out a few of those..

makes you blush: my messy craft room. embarrassing.
cold: the inside of my fridge. do you ever want to look in peoples' refrigerators? or garages when the door is open and you drive by? am i the only nosey person in america?
the letter b: is for baby. that one wasn't too hard. but how cute is isaac with sweet potatoes all over his bod? pretty. stinkin'. cute.

last friday was his 4 month check up. aren't my boys cute waiting on the doctor?

this is a few minutes after we were informed isaac henry is in the ZERO percentile for his weight. my child doesn't even exist. 

so it's been operation get-some-meat-on-his-bones around here. (p.s. i'm not starving my kid. he eats all he wants. he's just so wiggly i think he burns the calories before they're stored. he's as healthy as an ox, but as skinny as a worm. he sure didn't get his fast metabolism from me, i can tell you that much.)

cue making baby food..

one jar of sweet potatoes: 89 cents.
2 sweet potatoes = 7 jars: 95 cents.

a few more things, monday isaac laid down in his crib awake and took three naps. no tears. 1.5 hours each. i thought we had a break through. 

i was wrong.

my friend amanda gave me this onesie before IH was born. she went to yale. i'm pretty sure she might be the first person ever from our tiny hometown to go to an ivy league school. smarty pants.

i would love for isaac to go to a fancy school one day. i would love it more if he got a full ride. but i would love it just as much if he works a blue collar job that he loves and takes good care of his family. i'm excited to see how he uses the talents God gives him.

and on a completely different subject, i'm planning a shower for kayla. 

it's gonna be cute. all aboard the mason jar bandwagon!

life rearranged


  1. You are definitely not the only nosy person in America. Other recommended sites to peek in include:

    -Bathroom medicine cabinets
    -Kitchen "junk" drawers
    -Facebook pages (of course)
    -Sitting in someone's office and reading the papers laying on ther desk while you chat. (This last one requires the skills of intermittent eye contact and reading upside down.)

    1. or you can go to the copier and read the resumes and other stuff people are printing at your office. coughbryantcough.

  2. Oh, he's so cute! Our kiddos are on the opposite side of the "percentile chart"..mine being 97 - haha!


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