Friday, February 17, 2012


some instagrams from february photo a day..

sun flare.


 view out your front door. weeds. i'm ashamed. i really need to get out there and work.

lips. these ones belong to brybear.

sweet. is what ole brybear is. he brought home some flowers.

valentine. my little man in his heartbreaker hoodie. that hoodie tells no lies.

and me on the 15th. i had just rocked isaac to sleep. i was sporting my student council shirt from 2003. and i immediately fell down our bottom 4 stairs after this picture was taken. my hind quarters still hurt.

down low.

and now for some pictures without prompts..

here's my handsome man in his panda sweater on sunday mornin'.

don't laugh.. and don't tell me what happens!

we'll be watching the first 2 this weekend. and i've been reading the books. i know i'm about 7 years late on this, but i thought it was about time. i can't believe how unbelievably cheesy this story is. and i can't stand bella. team jacob all the way, but that's probably because i don't find rob pattinson the least bit attractive. i'm just starting the third book so i still have time to change my mind. but probably not cause vampires suck. hehehe. 

aren't these the cutest drawer pulls?

if i was getting a daughter anytime soon and redoing a dresser for said daughter, i would soo use those. 

and lastly, my sweet baby. he's 4 months old today. monthly update to come. 


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  1. He is so adorable. I am with you about the whole Twilight nonsense. Have fun watching them!

  2. what precious pics of isaac. he's a doll. love instagram don't you?!

  3. Can't believe your little man is four months?! wow!

    Almost choked on my hotdog from laughing out loud when i read about you falling down the stairs and hurting your hindquarters!

    And remember when i dreamed we went on a double date with jacob and edward?!

    You were stuck with edward! bahha!

  4. love your sunburst picture! you're right, those buttons are soo cute!!! and your little man is so adorable!!! thanks for sharing your pictures and stories!!!! hope your bottom feels better soon!!!


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