Friday, February 17, 2012

4 months.

isaac henry is 4 months old. 4. months. old.

i can't believe it.

at four months isaac henry:
  • has mastered rolling from tummy to back. hasn't rolled from back to tummy yet but he's super close.
  • found his feet. and loves them.
  • loves to bounce and do "superman," you know when you hold a baby over your head and say "soooooper-man" like a fool. he loves it.
  • LOVES looking at that baby in the mirror. 
  • has played in the bathtub. and pooped in the bathtub. 
  • tried cereal for the first time and seemed to like it pretty good. no worries, he's still lovin' the boob.
  • has played in the exersaucer. loves it. and has took a liking to a few new toys.
  • still in a good schedule of eat, play, sleep. but his night time sleep is back to being crazy. plus, he only wants to be rocked to sleep. bad habits are forming over here, and i might see some crying-it-out in the future, but probably not cause momma's a softy. and daddy's even worse than momma.
  • he babbles all of the time. he's a talker. we're talkers on my side of the fam, so it doesn't surprise me that he has lots to say. 
  • 11 lb. 2 oz. 24 inches long. he's a string bean. wearing mostly 3-6 month stuff. 6 month sleepers cause he's a tall one. 
he's a great baby. a character. a delight. we are so blessed. i could just eat him up. i probably give him 600 kisses a day. no exaggeration.

here's a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure..

check out his good ole days..
1 month. 2 months. 3 months.

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