Tuesday, January 31, 2012


life has been busy. but not blog-it busy.

we have something to do pretty much everyday during the week. and even when we don't, i feel like we do.

some noteworthy things that have been going on..

becky came for a visit!

ain't she pretty? isaac loves the pretty girls.

i made some of this cheddar bacon dip. it's delish. for real.

i grocery shopped for february. i'm really diggin' this shop for the whole month thing. except for the it costing a few hundred bucks. but when i have lots o' teenagers, my bill will probably be that much every stinkin' week. i'm gonna have to get a job.

we hung out with momma and daddy this weekend. the boys worked on our taxes and me and momma paid mammaw and pap a visit.

yesterday, i ironed bryant's shirts. i hadn't ironed since before isaac was born. it took me 2 hours. no joke. and that's proof that i love my husband.

i've done a few crafty-crafts that i'm planning on sharing soon.

and is it beautiful weather where you live too? it feels like spring time here. and i love it!

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  1. You have won my Liebster Blog award.
    Check out my new post.

    Love Julie


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