Monday, January 2, 2012

january 2.

 bryant goes back to work tomorrow. after 11 days with him home, i'm dreading it. so is isaac henry.

cause daddy's hilarious!

we've got a lot accomplished while he's been home. he got both our cars fixed/fixed them with my dad. two check engine lights on at the same time = not awesome.

and i've grocery shopped for the whole month. that was an adventure.

and we've done some cleaning, etc. bry has taken over the chore of dishes. doing my dishes for me is one of my love languages.

he's read the hunger games trilogy. so we can talk about it. it is so good. 

we've smooched that cute boy.

we've christmased and birthday partied.

we've had people over or hung out with someone every single day or night for the past two weeks. pretty much we've felt super popular.

it's really too bad he has to bring home the bacon. come spring, imma get me one of them money trees. and we'll all just stay home and cuddle.


  1. Did you see any more crazy people at Walmart, while you were shopping?

  2. sadly, no. this trip was fairly uneventful.

  3. Oh my goodness! Him just gets handsomer and handsomer. I can't wait to squeeze his head off Saturday!
    -Shan :)


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