Sunday, January 1, 2012

i haven't blogged since last year.

let's just start by saying that 2011 rocked my pants clean off. i'm not even wearing pants. cause they're rocked clean off. especially compared to 2010, which i like to refer to as the "year of suck". 

don't get me wrong. some good things happened in 2010, like we graduated college, said "sayonara knoxville!", and bought a house. but those goodies were kinda trumped by my brother dying in a motorcycle accident [which i think we can all agree is a pretty cool way to die, except for the wreck wasn't noah's fault cause he was super responsible and all that jazz. another story for another time..]  and "conception in 2010" failing. not that i would trade isaac henry for the baby we woulda conceived had "conception in 2010" succeeded, but i'm not gonna lie, it's discouraging [to say the least] to be in a committed relationship where both parties love Jesus and want a baby like something fierce and you're not getting pregnant and then have to sit and watch 14 yr. olds get pregnant after swimming with a boy. or something like that.

enough about 2010 and it's craptastic-ness. 2011 was the bomb. 

we got pregnant. 


i had an easy-peasy pregnancy. i got huge. but for the most part, i really enjoyed being pregnant. and i wasn't miserable all summer. it was hot, but i put on my big girl panties and dealt with it because i'm not a negative nancy. 

  and that resulted in the most precious child i've ever seen in my life.


and if that had been all that happened in 2011 that in itself woulda rocked my pants off.

but bryant quit his job, and got a new and improved job with more money and more time at home and rainbows and puppy dogs [but only if you like puppy dogs, which i don't, but most people do so we'll include them] and cotton candy for everyone.

and we went to mexico. that was fun. we planted a garden and saw lots of concerts. we were loved well by our friends. i worked for FCA, but then i got to quit to stay at home with IH. and we got more involved with our church and built awesome relationships with our church fam. some of our closest buds got hitched and/or engaged. and lots of other fun stuff happened.

blessings were poured out in 2011 and it was awesome. PTL.

i am so looking forward to 2012. i'm sure it'll be a fun year, with watching isaac grow and all that. and just for extra funsies, here's my resolutions..

1. save $12,000 in 2012. this is obvs. more of a joint effort since i don't contribute any moolah to this marriage, but whatevs. 

2. memorize at least 1 scripture a month. i'm aiming low as to not dissappoint myself.   

3. get to my goal weight [a topsecret number that i'll never tell.] i know that's so stereotypical. and then after i become extra super skinny [bahahaha] i wanna get a baby in my belly. 

plus a few other things that i wanna do this year. like plant another raised bed garden, repaint the living room and kitchen, purge lots o' junk, and take isaac henry to the beach. 

bring it, 2012. i double dog dare ya. 


  1. I think your resolutions are great, and you are HILARIOUS by the way (14 year old getting pregnant by swimming with a boy--- ha!)

    my husband and I just lost (I hate that word, but its better than the "M" word) a pregnancy 5 days ago. It was awful, and I am still sad..... but we believe God has other plans for us and we know He is in control. Reading your story of trying throughout 2010 and everything coming together for you in 2011 gives me a lot of hope.

    Loved reading this post, you sound like such a strong woman after going through so much....


  2. You are awesome Lindsey Jo. You can always come here to the beach, I would love to meet the little guy.

    Continue being strong!

  3. Great post! Glad you're pants are rocked off! They're overrated!

    And most importantly, I LIVE at the beach! Y'all are welcome any time! Or all the time, whichever you prefer!


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