Wednesday, January 18, 2012

hump day.

last weekend i went over to meghan's house for a craft night. it was good times. i made a necklace like this. 'tis cute. take my word for it, since i don't have a picture.

here's some pictures of our night.. 

i like my silly girlfriends.

i've been wanting a basket for isaac henry's toys in the living room. baskets are so expensive. and i couldn't find anything at the goodwill. apparently when people get baskets they like, they keep 'em. so we bought this one.

38 stinkin' dollars. but i felt like we needed it, so i bit the bullet.

i started this Bible study with some ladies at church.

it should be good. i could definitely stand for God's love to be alive in me. have you ever done an inductive study? i haven't, but i'm excited.

we're hosting community group at our house starting tonight. i gotta make some snacks, i'm thinking chocolate chip cookies.

that's all i got folks. real exciting life i lead. i like it.  

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