Saturday, January 7, 2012

for post's sake.

isaac henry had a ton of visiters over the last few weeks. but i managed to not take any pictures except for this one with rach. i'm awesome.

and here's some phone pictures for good measure. prepare yourself to see the cutest baby in the history of the world..

 usually guys without teeth aren't my type, but seriously? how can resist this hunk?

the other day we got a mysterious package of cute burp cloths. it was mysterious because we had no idea where they came from. what if someone was anthrax-ing our firstborn?? and i was all ready to bust out my magnifying glass and dna kit and solve the case, but i posted it on the ole reliable facebook first and found out emily sent them..

and remember how i said i went shopping for a whole month's groceries? this is what my buggy looked like..

it was a little nutso trying to get out to the car after i checked out.  chicken toppling over the side onto the ground, me fandangling 7 bags on one arm and manning the buggy with the other. quite the adventure i tell you.

i'll leave you with this video of isaac henry trying to figure out how to laugh. i might kill over if he gets any cuter. 

happy weekend!


  1. Sweet little boy, and Isaac Henry has redeemed himself from pictures where he looks like he hates me to pictures of sincere love :)

  2. You always know how to crack me up. The part of getting out the DNA kit and cracking the case, is hilarious.

    You are a great mother and he is very lucky to have you.


  3. LOVE the new banner (or whatever it's called)! And I agree with Julie, you're awesomely hilarious. This blog is like my daily dose sunshine! Thanks for bringing on the smiles, Lindsey Jo :)


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