Thursday, January 12, 2012

a few things.


so, everyone warned me that my nipples would chaff and crack and burn and bleed and most likely fall off when i started breastfeeding. and i know i'm fixing to sound really bratty, but just remember that my kid doesn't sleep through the night and shows no interest in doing so and your kid probably sleeps 17 hours at a time. with that being said, my nipples were fine. huge? yes. chewed to a bloody pulp? no. so, i'm left with tubes and tubes of nipple salve. my knuckles however are burny and cracked, from all the washing and winter. what's good for cracked nipples is good for cracked knuckles, right? wrong. i slathered my hands with nipple cream. and immediately regretted it. that stuff is a sticky mess. it took 5 washes to get it off [and i was still a little sticky]. with my $6 soap no less. learn from my mistakes, leave the nipple cream for your nipples. although i cannot imagine putting that gunk on your nipples either..


2. i want my short hair back. let's reminisce.

see how cute i am with the short hair? i mean, i'm cute all the time. but, cuter with the short hair.

and not that the long hair is bad. i mean, you can put it in a ponytail. but everytime i do that i look like a lunatic. and it takes 17 hours to blowdry.

so cast your vote..

short haired or long haired?

3. i've been making freezer meals like crazy lately. and i love having them. they're like a secret stash for my lazy days. go make some freezer meals for yo'self. it's freeing.

4. i started working out again this week. i walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. i didn't like it. i also ate 6 baby carrots today. the truth is out, i'm a health nut.

5. it's snowing outside. a blizzard..

this is the best shot of the snow i could get since i refuse to stick more than just my hand outside. cold and me are not friends, just like rain and me are not friends. lucky for me that i don't have to leave the house.

and if you do, stay warm out there! i'm off to snuggle a bald guy.


  1. i LOVE you!!

    I like short hair i think! I'm really thinking about chopping mine off! AHH!! JAcob wants me to and i'm fine with it because... it's hair... it grows back!!!


  2. I vote SHORT! And that yellow dress (AND THOSE WEDGES) are so flipping cute.

  3. I love it short. Short is chic. Short is cute and stylish. Short is me. You want to be like me. Admit it. You've been reading my blog and envying me. Admit it. It's the first step to R-E-C-O-V-E-R-Y and you my friend, are a Lyndy addict. Oh yes.

  4. um hilarious! this is why you have to be the mom first. figure out the to do's and not to do's! haha

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your long hair, but i think it is time to bring back the SHORT!

  5. Okay let me say my nipples are cracked and hurt and they bled like crazy and I'm not even nursing! I'm pumping like my life depends on it! I use nipple cream like crazy too! Anywho I like the short hair too!!

  6. I think the short hair would be adorable and a fresh change after givin' birth and all :)


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