Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 months.

my pretty little baby is three months old.

this month has been a big one! isaac henry is starting to do more and feel more like a person than just a snuggly lump.

at three months, isaac henry:
  • laughs and smiles all the time! we can't get enough.
  • really is starting to recognize us/people. he loves to be talked to! 
  • rolls over from tummy to back. no prob.
  • is reaching for, swatting at, and grasping toys.  especially loves sophie the giraffe, his play mat, and the birdie chair at nanny's.
  • is still not sleeping through the night. but he does one big stretch from 8-1.
  • is still loving the boob. 
  • usually is super smiley when we're doing night time prayers, and putting him down to bed. it makes you wanna say "not the time, son." but it's too cute, so you can't be too upset. 
  • has found his fist. and sucks on his fingers 'til they're purple.
  • may be starting to look a tad more like his momma. 
  • is wearing mostly 3 month clothes, but is sneaking into some 3-6 month. slow 'er down big boy. 
everyone is always saying stuff like "is he always this great!?" and "you don't need to have more kids cause this one's perfect and the next one will never live up to him." it makes us proud, not that i have anything to do with his personality, but i love that he's so chill.

i fall more in love with him everyday. i literally miss him some nights while he's asleep. and i'm with him all stinkin' day! bryant asked me how i feel about him growing up and it makes me happy and sad. such weird emotions come along with this parenting thing.

here's more pictures mainly because i can never choose. they're all cute.

4th trimester? nailed it. 

walk down memory lane: 1 month. 2 months.

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  1. i love him! and i love that you are momma! you are such a beast at it! if you didn't do things like use nipple cream as hand cream, i'd probably never have a baby! how could i ever live up to you! thanks for making silly mistakes - gives the rest of us hope!



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