Monday, December 19, 2011

a few christmas-y things.

we kept the christmas decor super minimal this year. "simplify" seems to be my theme lately.

but everything is still cute and needs to be documented, so here 'tis..

and that's it. for real. besides the mistletoe. cause you know i need an excuse for more smooches.

i've also been decorating this munchkin..

i won that cute reindeer onesie over at the macs from a perfect treasure. don't you love winning?! i love it!

and you can consider this my christmas present to you. feist your eyes on this sexiness..

try not to be jealous or lust. i know it's hard, but say a prayer and count to 10.

he borrowed my tacky sweater for a youth party at church. i think it suits him.

i hope your week isn't too stressful. and if it is, have some eggnog. over and out.


  1. oh i love Love looooove his little reindeer onesie! was so hoping to win that. congrats!

  2. love your decor, your sweet babe, and your hubs sweater.

    Thank you so very much for opening your home to me! I love coming :)


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