Thursday, December 1, 2011

nice to meetcha.

since everyone was in for thanksgiving last week, isaac henry got to meet a lot of his aunts and uncle for the first time.

i've got picture evidence.

with aunt rachel..

he really does love you. or he'll learn to eventually.

with auntie em..

and uncle jared..

aunt beth-ann was also present but somehow she got away without a picture?? next time, BA, next time..

and aunt ann came all the way from alabama!

aunt em and aunt ann even changed a diaper..

they're pros. don't let 'em tell ya any different. except ann not wanting to touch the boy-part. baby steps.

we're so blessed to have so many friends that love us and love our boy. he was thoroughly snuggled and loved on last week! i'm having to do double time snuggles this week so he doesn't feel neglected.

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