Saturday, December 10, 2011

more on the pallet art.

just wanted to tell y'all that i've been featured over at roadkill rescue. because i like to toot my own horn and all. go check out her website, really cool stuff over there!

when i first saw the email informing me that i'd been featured and i saw the name of the website i thought they were talking about the unfortunate rabbit incident. and i was really confused at why they considered me throwing a dead rabbit in the garbage with a shovel to be rescue.

but sadly, no one wants to feature the dead rabbit. they want to feature my pallet art.

and since we're talking about this all again, i'll take the opportunity to answer some very frequently asked questions..

1. how did you get the letters on the wood?

i free-handed the letters on with, wait for it, a paint brush and cheap craft paint. i suggest typing out the font you want to duplicate in microsoft word [or whatever you use] and using it as a guide while you paint. you could also use stencils. 

2. can i buy one from you?

if i woulda known the uproar that this would cause over on pinterest, i woulda opened up shop. but sadly, i am not selling them at this time. so put on your crafty pants and get to work!

3. did you stain/alter the wood?

nope. just snatched an old pallet from and empty lot that was headed to the dump and my husband cut it into more manageable lengths with a circular saw. then we reassembled it with small nails and a hammer so there wouldn't be such huge gaps between each piece. the varying color of each piece just comes from it laying outside for some unknown period of time. 

4. how big is that thing? 

it's about 19'' x 22''. this picture gives a better idea of how big it is..

thank you for all the love i've received on this "art." it really does make a girl feel good!


  1. you're so famous!!! i'm sure you're gonna be featured on ellen next. hope you can still make time for your little no-name friend over Christmas.

  2. It's beautiful! I absolutely love it. Congrats on being featured'!

  3. One question, how do you put the wood together?
    I want to do this for a friend's housewarming party, so obviously I want it to look really cute. :)

  4. Love love love this! I love the quote too! Might just have to copy cat you! But you know that is supposed to be the biggest form of flattery! Love your blog too!

  5. Props on your free hand! I wish I could do that!! It's awesome!!

  6. This is the second or third time I have seen it and I love it. So need this quote on my wall. Got my crafty pants and my junkyard boots. Will make one. Thanks.

  7. If I could just find a pallet! Love this so much!!


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