Friday, December 9, 2011

it's scarfament, y'all.

two posts in one day?! oh the humanity! don't hate the player, hate the game yo.

i recently participated in the scarfament swap over at take heart. that clever danielle with her combining of words. but i love mail. i love scarfs. and i love ornaments. so i jumped on that like a flea on a rat.

i got paired up with taylor over at tea with mrs. kee. don't ya just wanna read "tea with mrs. kee" in a british accent? too bad all my accents sound like a combination of italian, mexican, and southern. and maybe a little pirate.

i sent her this scarf and this ornament. from target. where else? that scarf looked so cozy. i might have tried it on a few times. you'll never know! and now that it's on sale i might need to go get myself one.

and she sent me this presh ornament for my boy that i just birthed..

isn't that super thoughtful?! i definitely might have teared up a tad. so thanks a lot for making me cry taylor! 

and she sent me this cute scarf that i will proceed to model for you in the following pictures..

 "over here lindsey jo! over here!" the paparazzi cried.. 

this is how they had me pose in my modeling days.. 

big eyes. full hearts. can't loose.

or clear eyes. whatev.

thanks taylor. and thanks danielle. i had fun and i will totes be participating in more swaps in the future.


  1. Look at you...hottie mama!
    You're looking great, Lindsey Jo!

  2. HAWT!!! i love it all, especially your modeling! thank you for playing along, my friend! merry christmas!

  3. you are HILARIOUS!!


    looking like a hot mom fa sur!


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