Friday, December 9, 2011


here's a few instagram pictures from this super uneventful week.

monday was old man bryant's birthday. i made him a funfetti cake.

and he gave me an early christmas present. to make sure i like it before the 30-day return policy expires.

i read the hunger games in a day and a half. i'm a pretty quick reader, but i flew through this book. it's awesome. read it. now. 

isaac henry has been a big ole cuddle bug this week. lots of naps in my arms. i'm not complaining. i'm in love with him.

i try to do a few small quick chores/projects while he's down for his afternoon nap. i managed to get a little freezer cooking done on one of the days when his nap wasn't on me. breakfast burritos and sausage balls.

and i'm linking up over here..

life rearranged


  1. What a cutie pie you have to hold for much of your day!!

  2. I loved your comment about getting things done when he's not napping on you- I am the same with my daughter- I just adore her!
    Those sausage balls and breakfast burritos look good!


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