Monday, December 26, 2011

the christmas festivities.

i loved this christmas.

after the christmas eve service at church, i nursed isaac henry while we watched charlie brown and sipped eggnog. then we tucked isaac henry into bed wearing some christmas big-kid pjs.

he woke up so many times in anticipation of the morning to come. or maybe it's because he's 2 months old and wakes up 567 times a night anyway. hungry hungry hippo.  

we kicked off the morning by opening isaac henry's gifts for him and shakin' them in his face. we followed that up by eating a hearty breakfast of home-poured cereal.

here's isaac henry with all his loot from us..

we obvs. kept it low-key. my parents more than made up for our lack of toys. i woulda took a picture of him with those, but i don't own a wideframe lens.

we had a great christmas service at church and then my momma and daddy came over for lunch.

i made a lasagna. mama-mia!

and i dressed our boy like a man.. 

our family always gets a new board game for christmas. this year we got bezzer-wizzer and name 5.

we played name 5. it's good times.

then we all piled on the couch for a photo op.

silly family.

i capped off the night with a little eggnog, 2 slices of pumpkin pie, and at least 10 gingerbread men. i'm nursing. i need the calories.

on a more serious note, i love my family and i love spending time with them. but christmas, or really any family time, will never be what i truly want it to be, complete. i wish noah was here. it's not the same without him. there's less laughs, for sure. we would have had to take out a storage unit for all the crap he woulda bought isaac henry. i miss him, especially yesterday.   

it goes without saying, this christmas was magical. i'm sure isaac henry will treasure it up in his heart forever and ever. a two month old is like an elephant, they never forget.

onto 2012!

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