Tuesday, December 20, 2011

another isaac henry photo shoot.

what's up ladies?

you know you want more. i mean, i can't get enough of this youngin'..

i love these outfits. some may call them pajamas. and yes, i guess in their own right, they are. but one of the glorious things about being a baby is you can wear pajamas all day, cause what are you really gonna accomplish in real clothes that you can't accomplish in pajamas? not much, my friend, not much.

dear new mommas, skip the silly socks and stick 'em in a footy outfit. all dang day. sincerely, lindsey jo.

now back to the goodies..

let me tell you about this boy's sleeping habits right now. he sleeps in his crib, which is awesome. but when bryant leaves for work, i bring him into our bed so i can catch a little more shuteye. but when he's ready to get up, he's ready to get up. he freaks out and claws and grunts and hollers. not a pretty sight. so, we begrudgingly get up.

and then, without fail, he wants a nap 15 minutes later. well son, if you woulda just laid there calmly for a measly 15 minutes, you and i both coulda had a nap. in the bed. get with the program babes.

one more thing, he rolled over today. it was the first intentional roll i've seen. pretty exciting stuff going on in these parts.

can you believe he's mine? now for more boob time, story of his life.


  1. i love him!!! He's presh!

    Thanks for the insight on the onsies. When I get my 13 year old... I'm just gonna stick them in the footed onsies!!!!! PERFECT! HA!

  2. SERIOUSLY, this child is SO FREAKING CUTE. the faces is makes! SO PRECIOUS!

  3. You would have the cutest child....I love him!!!


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