Tuesday, November 15, 2011

over the weekend.

friday night isaac henry got his first bottle. we wanted to make sure he would take one cause i was gonna be away from him saturday morning ergo his food source would also be away from him.

he took it like a champ and hopped right back on the boob, so no nipple confusion. not that you wanna know about our nipple situation, but that's life with a newborn: poop and nipples.

i know it's necessary for him to be able to take a bottle. and it was fun for bry to feed him, but i was a lot more emotional than i thought i'd be. it's just a stinkin' bottle, but it hurt my feelings for some reason. i cried and texted tara for encouragement.

oh well. we got it out of the way and i could go to the ladies event at church saturday without worrying about IH dwindling away because he missed a meal. because babies vanish into thin air if they don't eat every 2 hours on the hour, right?
saturday morning the church ladies had brunch and painted. it was super fun. i love those ladies so much. they bring me joy. i can't wait for our next event, tacky christmas sweater/ornament swap party!

can you believe it's time to start thinking about christmas parties?! in other fun christmas news, i won free christmas cards from my pastor's wife's stationary shop, keep in touch stationary.  i'm stoked! don't you love winning?! i love winning!!

also this weekend isaac henry got to meet bryant's sister, aunt melinda, for the first time. there was lots of me rubbing her belly involved.

not because i'm a weirdo that rubs bellies [ok, maybe i am. sometimes.], but because she's pregnant with a little bean of her own, due in may. and our sister-in-law, trish, is expecting a little boy in january. lots of new babes in our fam. so exciting!!

sunday after church, i wanted to document isaac henry with his ridiculously tiny pumpkin i bought him. and it was also the first time he wore jeans. so manly. but he was hungry and wasn't having my photo shoot. the hangry [hungry + angry] babe made for this hilarious picture..

over-zealous dad. miserable baby.

after his belly was full, he was much more cooperative.

i love that little nugget.


  1. I love that little nugget too- and his parents!

  2. I totally almost peed my pants when I saw the pic of Bryant and Issac! So very funny!!!

  3. I cried when my husband gave Alice her first bottle. "She doesn't NEED me anymore! I can be replaced by a bottle and a nanny!" :)

    PS- Those little jeans are too cute!

  4. I so cried when Sage had his first bottle after he came home! He was in the NICU for the first 10 days and could breastfeed but I pumped and pumped and pumped and when I could finally breastfeed him I didn't want to give it up because I felt we lost so much time already! Tony thought I had lost my mind! lol


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