Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i'm being schooled.

i don't talk about Jesus much on this blog. i don't know why. i probably should talk more about Him because i love Him and all that.

so, let's get to it. right now Jesus is teaching me so much about grace. i feel like i'm always being taught about grace, which isn't a bad thing since it's what our whole relationship is based on.

here's the thing, i suck. i suck at reading my Bible. i say the 's' word [not stupid. the grown up 's' word. you know the one.]. i like to talk about people. that's right, i like to talk about people.

i like to sin. ew, gross.

but Jesus still loves me. why? just because He does. He chooses to love me.  He chooses to lavish me with grace and mercy. and He loves me.

i am a child of God. in all my experience as a parent [ha!] God has already shown me how He loves me as a daughter. and this just in, He is a much better parent than i am. isaac henry fights sleep like it's his mortal enemy. he knows he's tired. and he knows that what he needs to do is suck on that dang paci and go on to sleepytown. but he doesn't. he spits out the paci and cries and stays awake. and i, being his parent, put the paci back in his mouth. every time. like IH, i know what i need to do [bring glory to God] and sometimes, i just don't. i do what i want and i fight righteousness like it's my mortal enemy. but God forgives me. and gives me another go at it. every time. because he loves me.

and His grace is a gift. a gift! and it's not like when we give gifts. you know, like "she got me a gift for my birthday, so i need to get her one." or that awkward moment when someone hands you a Christmas present and you didn't get them anything. Jesus doesn't expect a gift in return. He's so cool like that. no awkward moment or anything. in fact, it would turn into an awkward moment if you tried to match His gift. cause ya can't!

i'm awful. i deserve Hell. but instead God has called me to be one of His people. what a Savior!

so, that's what i'm learning right now. and i'm sure i'll continue to be taught about grace for-like-ever. it's kinda a trend with Jesus and me. He shows me how crappy i am and then He shows me how awesome He is. which is pretty awesome, jsyk.   


  1. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? Because I am! God is good!

  2. Love this post! Just found your blog--will follow it!


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