Sunday, November 13, 2011

a few newborn pictures.

so, my child was a drama queen when we tried to get newborn pictures. but we snuck away with a few good ones.

so handsome..

don't you wanna squish his face with sugars?! that's pretty much what i do all day, every day.

thanks for the pictures coach! check out glenncombs photography. she's awesome. and she's pregnant with identical twin boys! how fun, right?!


  1. He is so precious! I do want to snuggle his little face!!

  2. yes he is a handsome little guy! are you putting him under a little sunlight throughout the day? im sure they told you he was a little jaundiced, right? i was just so clueless back when i had noah (it's like all my nursing brains were sucked out of me) and he was pretty jaundiced. Wish i would have thought to place him under more sunlight to help him get rid of it quicker. anyway, just wanted to mention something because it's easy to over look those things when you're head over heels for your little one. He's such a cutie.

  3. oh and frequent breastfeeding (which im sure he's doing wonderfully!) :) not trying to concern you or anything, just wanted to let you know because im so sensitive about that now looking back at noah's baby pictures. :(

  4. Those little cheeks are just asking to be loved on! Oh, LJ, he's so precious. I'm in love. I know you MOM!!!! Yeah, that's're somebody's mother. ;)


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