Monday, November 21, 2011

bulb wreath craft date.

saturday night, my pal tara and her little fam came over for dinner and craft time!

we ate some chicken spaghetti and kinda watched the vols WIN and followed this tutorial to make some awesome wreaths!

here's tara hot gluing her bulb tops on..

so the wreaths were definitely cheaper than they woulda been if we bought them straight out, but ornaments are expensive!  all the tutorials i read said to use "cheap" ornaments. oh where oh where are these cheap ornaments found??


do you like our matching tan shirts? we planned it. 

and here's my fancy pants wreath hanging on the front door..

i love it! so bulby and glamorous!

also, we put up the rest of Christmas decor. because i can be thankful and celebrate the birth of my Savior simultaneously. uhthankyou. 

1 comment:

  1. I love my wreath. I put it on my door, and I'm a definite fan. Expect for this post to be linked to my blog within the next week, when I stop being lazy and upload some pictures to finalize a few delayed blogs. I have zero motivation, starting today. Oops, kids aren't the only ones looking forward to the days out of school!


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