Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the bounty of black friday.

so i know it's wednesday and all the black friday talk should be dying down, but i'm late to the ball game and wanna show off what i got.

well, we drug IH out at midnight to face the crowds in the freezing cold. just kidding! you were about to stone me, huh? no no, we were snuggled in the family bed while crazies were punching each other in the face for sheets, or so i heard. i have been known to go out with crazies, mostly to buy bryant gifts that i end up having to return or that one year my dad and i stood in line for hours for a t.v. for my grandma. but being that i'm a responsible parent to a teensy babe, we went out at like 8 friday morning.

i got some boots to solve my fall shoe problem. feast your eyes on these bad boyz..

SO Scrunched Ankle Boots

SO Ankle Boots

we also got a pocket knife and a bible for bryant and some clothes and soap for me. i like that fancy soap because you can't help but feel classy when you're washing your hands with $6 soap.

technically all of our purchases should be wrapped in pretty paper and sitting under the tree, but they're all being used. we do it every year. give our gifts to one another way early. but bry always guesses his gifts and he sees the purchase on the budget anyways, so what's the use in waiting?

one day i'll get him something crazy like a pony and he'll be surprised. until then, he can have his stinkin' gifts early. cause i love him. and he's a good guesser.

and beeteedubs, we had a good thanksgiving. we ate lunch at momma and daddy's and feasted on leftovers for days. i have so much to be thankful for.

now bring on the christmas cheer.

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