Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 month.

my babe is a whole month old. where did that month go?!

here is his official monthly pictures. i, being the slacker i am, didn't get around to making fancy number onesies or even ordering those cute little stickers, so i'm gonna add the numbers with my computer. cause i'm innovative. people call me a high tech redneck. actually, no one calls me that so never mind.

 and we're gonna take a picture with his isaac bear too, to measure growth and all that..

at one month old isaac henry:

  • eats like a champ.
  • poops and pees like a grown man except for not in the toilet. now that would be a trick! but seriously, where does all that pee come from?!
  • sleeps like a baby. imagine that. 3 or 4 hour stretches. in our bed. do not judge me, lest ye be judged.
  • he's smiled a few times and laughed in his sleep once.
  • our guesstimate of his weight is 9.5 lbs. but our scales are unreliable, so who knows? he was 21 in. long at 3 weeks old. 
  • he still wears newborn size [thank you everyone that told me to not buy any newborn stuff cause he'd be huge. this just in, he's tiny and has 3 outfits that fit.] but is starting to wear some 0-3 month and 3 month stuff. 
  • he's been to church twice and slept right through it. rude.
  • and just in case you can't tell, he's super handsome.
  • i want to remember how he puts his hand in people's shirts for comfort [one day that will be soo inappropriate.] and how he kicks his little leg when he's crying.
pretty much he's awesome, not that i have any other babies to compare him too. but we are so in love and tell him he's cute about 763 times a day. i love being this kid's momma.

and since you know i didn't just take two pictures, here's some more for funsies..

best. month. ever.


  1. i couldn't be anymore obsessed if i tried!

  2. He is quite handsome and has a rockin profile shot! He could be a model :)

  3. He is too stinkin cute :)
    Cant wait till he is officially in my class!


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