Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat, yo.

this just in, isaac henry does not like getting his picture made. but he's too stinkin' adorbs not to force him into it. i mean, cutest pumpkin ever?! i think so.

and here he is in his casual halloween get-up..

this calmness was accomplished by letting him suck on his paci, ripping it out of his mouth, and snapping the picture before he realized he'd been robbed..

no more pictures!

fine. party pooper. or any kind of pooper really. it's his specialty these days..

i feel like i should tell you that you can expect to see pictures of anything but my kid probably never. cause i do what i want. and i want to overwhelm you with the hunkiness of my offspring.   

anyway. we're gonna trick or treat the grandparents tonight. cause every 14 day old needs candy, right?

i wish i could make some sort of halloween or pumpkin treat today. and i guess i could. but we're still living off of the bounty of food that people are bringing us. and they always include dessert. so we have brownies and cookies and candy galore right now. plus i may have sprung for bogo ice cream this week at the grocery store. and i don't feel like adding something pumpkin-y to the mix is the answer.

i may make these pumpkin waffles next saturday. they sound yummy. and it would give us a break from the chocolate chip pancake train we've been riding. all aboard. toot toot.

one last word of wisdom for you on this beautiful fall day.. panties aren't a costume. it grosses me out/makes me sad to see all these young things in lingerie in public. that's for the marriage bed. if it isn't acceptable to wear your drawers in public any other day of the year, it's probably not acceptable on halloween. logic, people, logic. and those skimpy little "dresses" with cat ears or whatevs are panties, mmmkay? 

that's just my opinion. and opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one and most of them stink.

but seriously ladies, put on some clothes. respect yourself.

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  1. Amen sistah! I saw way too much cleavage on little girls, I didn't know that stuff existed at that age?! You son is oh so handsome and I wanna smell him and kiss his cheeks!


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