Monday, October 3, 2011

this weekend was good.

i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last week. they were oh, so good. and really soft. i used this recipe except i used butter instead of shortening. and i didn't put the frosting on them.

i also finished that book i was reading. i'm fixing to spoil it for ya, so if you wanted to read it, i'm sorry. and i guess it's not really spoiling it since it's a nicholas sparks book and someone always has to die in a nicholas sparks book. but in this one in particular, the leading lady dies. during childbirth. 

not cool sparks, not cool.

saturday we went yard-saling with some friends. and we found lots of treasures.

some popcorn bowls..

another blue mason jar. cause a girl can't have too many blue mason jars.

i got 2 big letter Cs for 10 cents each. and something super secret that will be turned into christmas presents.

and our best find of saturday was actually bryant's..

66 8 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer for $11.

i just have to laugh every time i pass our HUGE stash of hand sanitizer in the garage. he originally only bought 4 boxes. but then he went back for 7 more. 

only bryant. 

but i must admit that it was an awesome deal. and we are now set in the hand sanitizer department. until the Lord comes back.

saturday night we went to dinner with our friends andy and meghan. and then we made after-dinner s'mores on our fire pit.

just a little happiness on my window sill..

so, i have really been craving playing scrabble. and i got all psyched up about it. and i talked bryant into playing. and i was real excited and we went to the game closet. and we don't even own scrabble. what a let down.

our new couch came..

it fits right in with our other tan couch and recliner. the orange couch that was downstairs got moved into the bonus room. and that means that i will be working on making that room actually look cute. it's really the last room in the house that needs work. i'll be sure to show you the updated version once it's updated.. maybe this week.

but just maybe, cause i might be busy having a babe. who knows?

and here's a public service announcement for you.

better homes and gardens candles from walmart are tha bomb.

this one smells like caramel pecan something or other. i have a yankee candle out right now too and despite yankee being "america's best loved candle" the BH&G way out-smells it. and it only cost $5 compared to the hefty $20 you will shell out for yankee.

i am now making an oath to buy those walmart candles over the yankee candles from here on out. and for that, my husband rejoices.

i hope your weekend was just as swell as mine!


  1. Glad to see someone else has finally got the sense knocked into them. I ditched Yankee a long long time ago. Miss you.

    P.S. have that baby!

  2. I hope hand sanitizer is included in Christmas presents!!!!!!!


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