Sunday, October 16, 2011

pregnancy: week 39.

well, the big due date came and went. i'm 40 weeks pregnant.  isaac henry is fully baked.

my smile = fake.

i really thought i'd have an outside babe by now. guess i was wrong. and that's ok. i'm just ready to have him.

you know what's fun? that question, "no baby yet?" it's almost equivalent to the question, "how's married life?" when you're a newlywed. it gets old. fast. i guarantee we aren't gonna sneak off and have a baby and not tell anyone. if there was a baby yet, you'd know.

now onto more important things, i'm having contractions like crazy. so much so that we took a little trip to labor and delivery last night. they informed me that i was indeed in labor, just not enough to stay at the hospital. bryant loved the contraction monitor. IH'll be out soon. it's comforting, and terrifying, to know that i will have a baby this week.

this week folks. 


  1. Tell IH if he will get here today, I'll take him to Maggie Moo's....

  2. my two least favorite questions while pregnant - are you having twins? and have you had the baby yet? really?! do you see this huge belly of mine. cause I can't even see my toes. jeez people!!!

  3. Ha! As a newlywed, I totally understand what you are saying! Another good one is to ask a girl "when are yall getting engaged?" :)

  4. You made it all the way through the pregnancy! I can't believe the new lil' Coker will be here any time now. I will be praying for you guys!


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