Sunday, October 9, 2011

pregnancy: week 38.

39 weeks [and a day, but who's counting??] pregnant..

wouldn't it be fun if this was my last belly pic?!

i don't have much to say. my 38 week doctor's appointment had to be rescheduled cause some lucky lady [not me] decided to go into labor and my doctor had to be there.

i was hoping that the never ending pasta bowls on our hot date thursday might send me into active labor. no such luck. i had some intense contractions thursday after pastafest 2011. but i haven't had a stinkin' contraction since then.

i still feel great, but i wanna get my hands on this kid. i'm trying to be patient because i know that God already has isaac henry's birthday all planned out. and it's definitely better than anything i could plan anyway.

i would like to point out that there is a full moon tuesday. so maybe the tide will pull the babe out. or maybe not.

i think he's planning a sneak attack.

all that being said, we will have an outside baby within 2 weeks. come hail or high water.

until then, we wait.


  1. yay!!! getting so close. i have loved following your pregnancy. pray all goes well with the delivery! can't wait to see mr. isaac!!

  2. Its so close. I know the feeling that you want to have the baby out and in your arms. You will soon enough.


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